Seagate aims to simplify home NAS with GoFlex Home

Central storage for PCs and Macs with automatic backup and upgradeability

Seagate GoFlex Home system

The latest product in Seagate’s GoFlex series of hard drives is the GoFlex Home network storage system. The network-attached storage (NAS) box offers up to 2TB of storage (1TB also supported) capacity, and connects via a Gigabit Ethernet cable to a wireless router. Once connected, the box can perform wireless backup of all the Windows and Mac systems in your home (it’s compatible with Apple’s Time Machine backup), as well as centralized storage for music, photos, videos and other files that need to be accessed by multiple systems within the home. The 2TB system costs $229.99, and the 1TB version costs $159.99, available now at Seagate’s Web site and other retailers.

The system is slightly different from Seagate’s GoFlex Net device, which is a NAS but one that uses the portable GoFlex drives for its storage, rather than a more solid 1TB or 2TB drive. The GoFlex Home drive can be upgraded by removing the drive from its base station and adding a higher capacity GoFlex Desk drive to the base. You can also add additional external USB drives to the base for additional capacity, or connect a USB printer and create a wireless shared printer for the house.

Additional features of the GoFlex Home include media streaming to other computers and connected game consoles (including an iTunes server, which the GoFlex Net doesn’t support), the ability to share content across the Internet (through the Seagate Share service), and a power-saving mode that puts the drive into an idle state after 30 minutes of inactivity, as well as a power shutoff switch if you’re going to be away for a long time.

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