Free Software Foundation's Women's Caucus is looking for an intern

The goal: Raise the profile of successful women in FLOSS and get it to other women at a younger age

It's been pretty well documented that women are a distinct minority in the open source/free software community. Women's Caucus has some of the sharpest women in the space on board - Deborah Nicholson, Stormy Peters, Hillary Rettig, Hanna Wallach - and they're looking for an intern.

The Free Software Foundation's

The caucus' goals include:

  • helping projects and organizations that want to improve recruitment or retention of women
  • helping raise the profile of women involved in free software
  • helping bring free software to girls and young women to get women involved at a younger age

The intern would be unpaid, but the caucus will help anyone eligible to receive college credit for the stint, and could work at the FSF's Boston office or not. And you don't have to be a girl to apply, either.

How to apply:

• Send a letter of interest and resume with two references by e-mail to

• Make sure that your materials are in free software friendly formats (PDF and plain text work well), and include "Women's Caucus Internship" in your subject line.

• If you can, please include links to sites you've made (personal blogs are okay!), designs or code you've done, and — most of all — things you've written.

• Please include these as URLs, though email attachments in free formats are acceptable too. You will be asked to employ free software tools like;, Inkscape, Mediawiki, and GIMP.

• Be sure to mention if you already have experience with free software!

The internship is for the fall and lasts for 12 weeks.

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