Google and Verizon put the final nail in hyperbole

Net neutrality framework from Internet giants inspires passionate response

As you know by now, Google and Verizon made news yesterday by issuing a "joint policy proclamation" about net neutrality. And, depending on your point of view, it's a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing. Some people even have mixed feelings.

Not so the fellow who left this comment on a New York Times story. He believes it to be a bad thing ... a very, very bad thing:

The fact that they've excluded wireless operations from net-neutrality rules is the real story here. It truly is a sad day for humanity. I see this as worse than the Deepwater Horizon, worse than the wars, worse than all that has come to pass.

Worse than all that has come to pass.

So I'm sitting here trying to imagine an event in the course of human history that this fellow might agree was worse than Google and Verizon issuing a net neutrality proclamation that failed to account for wireless operations ... and I quickly realized the futility of the effort.

After all, "worse than all that has come to pass" pretty much slams the door on your man-made atrocities and natural disasters.


Here's the rest of the comment:

The free Internet has been one minuscule ray of hope in the darkness of these times, and now it seems that that, too, had been extinguished by the flood of corporate greed. Heaven help us all now that they're taking away the one tool that we had to fight against the tide of avarice, and malice, and myopia. Heaven help us all.

Worse than all that has come to pass.

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