NASA's head techie seeks best systems engineers of the future

NASA’s Chief Technologist says jobs, future opportunities lie ahead for space program

nasa's braun
In an open letter to current and future college students, NASA Chief Technologist Dr. Robert Braun wrote this week that "Good systems engineers are not born; they are created over time."

Braun paints a bright future for those looking to make a career out of the space agency.  He touts future trips to asteroids, Mars and a host of other technology developments he says should attract the engineers of tomorrow.

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"My office sponsors foundational research, laboratory and ground-based testing, and flight-testing to mature critical space system technologies and infuse these cutting-edge advances into NASA's future operational missions. By taking informed risks and focusing on high-payoff technologies, the Space Technology Program will provide the answers to the Agency's future technological needs. Clearly, these developments require the best of academia, industry, and our government labs, Braun writes.

"To advance these transformational technologies, this program is being established with a test early, test often mantra, and will provide a steady cadence of flight opportunities on a variety of flight test platforms, including aircraft, suborbital vehicles, sounding rockets, balloons, and spacecraft. While maturing the necessary technology for our future missions, these frequent flight opportunities also provide ideal training for young engineers and scientists in the rigors of space flight. A grand challenge can be the spark, but a carefully crafted series of steps in one's own professional development is critical to future success in a technology-oriented world. Fortunately, there are opportunities in the Space Technology Program for your participation, starting in 2011," Braun writes.

In conclusion Braun states: "As our next generation of technologists, scientists and engineers, you are this country's future. I look forward to seeing the great things you will bring to NASA and the Nation as you embark on technology-oriented careers. Join us in this new endeavor. We need your innovative ideas, your passion, your dedicated efforts, and your technological solutions."

If you want to read the entire letter go here.

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