Curriki: Bringing the open source model to education

It's a repository. It's a community. It's a social network. It's all of the above. And it's all about free, accurate and vetted educational materials.

Not only can free, online, open-sourced curriculum and books make education more affordable and widespread - it also can make it fun.

So says Scott McNealy, whom you may be more familiar with from his time leading Sun Microsystems. He spends time these days proslytizing for his labor of love, Curriki, a nonprofit repository/community/social network that seeks to gather the best educational materials in one spot for educators, parents and students to use.

We chatted yesterday for about half an hour about how Curriki got started and what's next. And we couldn't let the opportunity go by without asking a question or two about Oracle v Google, either. Special bonus: You get to find out what kind of computers and smartphones you can find in the McNealy home.

Here's the full chat. You can also access it by .


After we got off the line, the folks over at Curriki got us some specific stats on traffic and content on the site, year-to-date:

Members (registered users)  - approx. 134,835;  YTD increase = 37.25%

Groups - over 532, YTD increase = 19.93%

Learning Assets - over 38,659 - YTD increase = 16.4%

Visitors to website - over 1.2M

Avg. vistor viewed 3.74 pages

Page Views, 4.8M

So, if you're a teacher - or just play on one TV - it might be worth checking out. If any of our readers have used Curriki already, we'd love to hear what you like about it and how you think it could be improved.

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