Who's the HOTTEST video game chick?

Hey, just because it is virtual doesn't mean it does have value

I was cruisin' to Best Buy with my son to pick up the video game "Kane and Lynch 2" just the other day. If you haven't heard about it, it's a awesomely violent game with tons of cussin' and head shots galore. Instead of keeping these games from my future felon, I like to use them as teaching points to impart my Dad wisdom to him. With this one the teachable moment is; "Look son, sometimes when you're trying to export illegal weapons from mainland China to Africa and you accidentally cap the Chief Mafia Dudes' daughter, bad stuff happens" lesson over. Both of us are video game junkies to the max. Of course I remember back when Mario had a hat because hair in 8 bits made him look like a porn version of Peter Frampton. On the drive back I asked him what I thought was a simple question: "Who is the hottest video game chick?" My son went into this deep discussion on certain qualities and looks as well attitudes that made certain video game females more attractive to him. This was like my graduating from Harvard moment for me. I was so proud. The results were different for both of us. His in-depth analysis concluded that Leliana from Dragon Age was his fav, followed very closely by Kelly from Mass Effect 2. My ultra shallow; "He He, I thk ur hought" analysis was; Morrigan from Dragon Age followed by Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark. But then we looked at Best Swords (Umbra from Elder Scrolls IV), Best Guns (MPLX NovaSurge from Fallout 3), Toughest Dude (Gordon Freeman) and I thought how funny it is that we could talk in depth and make up story lines on stuff that really isn't real. Virtual stuff really has actual value. This stuff is like baseball card collecting to gamers. We know stats, effectiveness, location and we will save it in lockers in the game even if we never use it again. After an all-nighter of gaming, I am back in the Code Cave this morning get'n 'er done and I look around and see all the networking stuff I just can not part with even though it really has no value. Stuff like: - Fore Network ATM module - HP AdvanceStack VG AnyLAN 2000B module - Madge Token Ring card and MAU - Adtran DSU - Cisco MGS router (with a hand painted logo!) - Books on top of books... Learning ADA programming anyone? And a bunch of other crap, that I just can not part with for whatever reason. Kinda funny isn't it? In our jobs, we replace gear like crazy, delete programs, virtualize stuff so we can move it around easier to get rid of old crap. And personally, I throw out stuff all the time. I don't like junk laying around. Yet some stuff, still hangs on. My question to y'all reading this is: (listed in order of importance) - Do you agree with our video game results? What would be your hottest chick, best gun, sword...etc.. - Do you have any old networking gear you just can not part with? So as I sit here working on a shellcode exploit on IOS for an upcoming TechWiseTV show (shameless plug: http://www.techwisetv.com ) and true to form, even on routers, it's the old stuff that IOS is hanging onto that I am looking to use to slip through undetected. People still use GDB via serial on IOS 11 right? Jimmy Ray Purser Trivial File Transfer Protocol if you’re over 18, you’ve lived through two years whose dates are palindromes: 1991 and 2002. That’s more rare then a ham sandwich at a vegan festival. Since 1001, the normal gap between palindromic years has been 110 years (e.g., 1661-1771). The 11-year gap 1991-2002 has been the only exception, Next time that happens is 2992-3003. Until then we’re back to 110-year intervals, and most people will see only one palindrome in a lifetime.

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