Microsoft retires Filemon and Regmon from Sysinternals

Sysinternals gets a small makeover with bug fixes, new features to four tools, retirement of three others.

On Friday, Microsoft retired two all-time favorite Sysinternals tools, Filemon and Regmon. The Process Monitor utility has officially replaced them. Microsoft further says that NewSID will be retired from Sysinternals on November 2, 2009. But not to fear, on Friday Redmond also released a bunch of new stuff for this beloved Windows management suite.

The upgraded tools are ...

Process Monitor v2.7. This system monitoring utility now has a new option to the process tree dialog that direct it to show just the timeline for displayed events, among other fixes.

ProcDump v1.5: This now includes a new switch that enables the creation of a process dump upon process termination and a few other tweaks to ease troubleshooting. It also fixes a bug and improves Windows 7 support.

VMMap v2.3: This virtual and physical memory analysis tool has better copy-to-clipboard functionality and also had some bugs fixed.

Autoruns v9.54: In addition to several bug fixes, this tool now sports additional 32-bit autostart locations for 64-bit Windows, and brings back compatibility with .ARN files created by older versions.

Download these and the other Systinternals tools here.

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