ExRCA: Test your Exchange Server 2007 remote connectivity

Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer

Exchange Server 2007 offers a wealth of many different connectivity options for the end user. The problem is that if a user cannot connect to the Exchange Server all those available options do no good. In Exchange 2007 client access is handled by, of course the Client Access Server (CAS). Once this server role is deployed we generally would test to make sure it is working properly. And once the tests come back looking good we think we're ok.

Well the problem is that not all issues with remote connectivity have to do with the CAS itself. So how do you make sure you have users connecting remotely, rather than an angry lynch mob outside of your office? Thankfully there is a tool that can provide excellent insight into those connectivity issues it is called the Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer (ExRCA). The idea behind this tool is to analyze connections from the various client sources such as: Exchange Active sync Exchange Web Services Outlook anywhere Inbound (SMTP) email The ExRCA tests the most common areas for issues with client connectivity and provides guidance for correcting the issues at hand so that you can be sure that the settings you have configured TRULY work. The ExRCA works by using an external website that attempts to connect to your actual Exchange CAS to make sure that everything is up to par. Based on the test you choose you need to provide the following information: Email Address Domain /Username or UPN Password You may also need to provide the RPC Proxy Server and Authentication Method, Internal Mail Server FQDN, Mutual Authentication Principal Name. In some of the tests you need to check the box to Ignore Trusts for SSL and finally you need to check the box stating that you understand that you will need to provide credentials that are working and acknowledge that you are an Administrator of that domain. To use the ExRCA go to https://www.testexchangeconnectivity.com/ . Why wonder if your users are actually connecting to your Exchange Server, when with the ExRCA you can be sure of it.

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