Microsoft: All I Have To Say Is 'Fix Your Browser'

If IE8 wasn't so dang slow, there wouldn't be an opportunity for Google to step in and solve the problem

The issue of Google's gutsy move to step in and solve IE8's performance problem is pretty short and sweet from my perspective. If IE8 wasn't such a slow pig of a brower, there wouldn't be an opportunity for Google to fix it by using Google's WebKit display engine. Plain and simple. IE8 was slow when it was in beta and its still SLOW today, one of the worst performing browsers on Windows... still. Now Microsoft's whining, crying wolf that Google's WebKit plugin bypasses IE8's privacy feature and doubles the threat surface of the browser. True. But if Microsoft provided us with a browser that performs, I wouldn't have to download and run Firefox, or use the Google plugin (and it is markedly faster, btw.)

Here's what it boils down to, Microsoft. Fix your browser.

I'm no big fan of Google ruling the world, but for now Google's WebKit plugin is staying installed in IE8 on my computers. Fix IE8's poor performance and we'll talk.

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