Remote Desktop Services: Some help to keep you from feeling 'Terminal'-ly lost

A helpful gudie to lead you through the changes

So with all the changes to Terminal Services (including a new name) that R2 will bring. I thought it would be helpful to take a page out of my book(almost literally) and provide my readers with a quick guide to the name changes and what each of these new services will now be responsible for in Windows Server 2008 R2.

Let's begin with the name changes first this first table provides the former and new names for each:

Former Name of Role and Role Services

Name in Windows Server 2008 R2

Terminal Services

Remote Desktop Services

Terminal Server

Remote Desktop Server

Terminal Services Licensing (TS Licensing)

Remote Desktop Licensing (RD Licensing)

Terminal Services Gateway (TS Gateway)

Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway)

Terminal Services Session Broker (TS Session Broker)

Remote Desktop Connection Broker (RD Connection Broker)

Terminal Services Web Access (TS Web Access)

Remote Desktop Web Access (RD Web Access)

Windows Server 2008 R2 will also bring a change to the names of the Management tools we use as the following table shows:

Former Name of Management Tools

Name in Windows Server 2008 R2

Terminal Services Manager

Remote Desktop Server Manager

Terminal Services Configuration

Remote Desktop Server Configuration

TS Gateway Manager

Remote Desktop Gateway Manager

TS Licensing Manager

Remote Desktop Licensing Manager

TS RemoteApp Manager

RemoteApp Manager

The new change also brings changes to functionality in Remote Desktop Services, below is a list on functionality that has been added or in some cases removed from the Remote Desktop Services.

Remote Desktop Server

§    Client experience configuration page

§    Remote Desktop IP Virtualization

§    Windows Installer RDS Compatibility

§    Fair Share CPU Scheduling

§    Roaming user profile cache management

Remote Desktop Client Experience

§    Audio and video playback redirection

§    Multiple monitor support

§    Audio recording redirection

§    Desktop composition

§    DirectX redirection

Remote Desktop Gateway

§    Configurable idle and session timeouts

§    Background session authentication and authorization

§    Service and consent messages

§    Secure device redirection enforcement

Remote Desktop Services Provider for Windows PowerShell

§    View/edit configuration settings for a remote desktop server.

§    Create and configure a remote desktop server connection.

§    Publish or remove a RemoteApp program.

§    Create and configure a remote desktop server farm.

§    Configure RemoteApp and Desktop Connection for virtual desktops and RemoteApp.

§    Manage a Remote Desktop license server.

§    Manage a Remote Desktop Gateway server.

Remote Desktop Licensing

§    Automatic license server discovery no longer supported for remote desktop servers

§    Changes to Licensing tab in Remote Desktop Server Configuration

§    The Manage RDS CALs Wizard

§    Service Connection Point registration

Some of the new changes like Powershell management are really cool, overall it is still the same service we have grown to know and love (or hate depending who you talk to) but the change certainly puts Microsoft more in line with what Terminal Services was supposed to be in the first place a 'remote desktop'.  Hope this quit post helps some to wade through the changes and I will provide some more tips and tools for the Remote Desktop Services in the weeks to come.

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