SMBs don't understand disaster recovery, study says

Thirty-three percent backup their systems several times a month

SMBs don't understand how disaster recovery works, say a recent study from Symantec.

Thirty-three percent backup their systems several times a month, 24% backup several times a week, 23% backup daily and 20% backup their systems less than monthly. The study also concluded that there is a disparity between how SMBs perceive their preparedness and their actual level of preparedness. Eighty-two percent said they are satisfied with their disaster plans and 84% said they feel protected in the event of a disaster. The study also found that the average SMB has experienced three outages in the last 12 months and that more than 50% estimate they would lose 40% of their data if they had a fire. SMBs responded that outages cost them an average of $15,000 per day.

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