Microsoft, Noelios release new bridge for Java, .Net interoperability

Open source lets Java interact with .Net services through the REST protocol.

Noelios Technologies on Monday began shipping a new version of the Restlet open source project for Java that includes an extension for ADO.NET Data Services. The extension makes it easier for Java developers to connect to ADO.NET Data Services.

REST is in some ways considered an alternative and next-generation version of HTTP, though it can also be used with HTTP and other established Internet connection protocols. According to Wikipedia, "At any particular time, a client can either be transitioning between application states or 'at rest.'. A client in a rest state is able to interact with its user, but creates no load and consumes no per-client storage on the set of servers or on the network."

REST is considered by some developers to be significant for cloud computing. This bridge is one of a growing number of ways Microsoft is working to connect .Net to Java, given that a number of cloud computing consortiums has been working to create interoperability standards but didn't invite Microsoft to the table (including Open Cloud Manifesto and Open Cloud Consortium).  Other projects intended to make Java and .Net play nice are Apache Stonehenge, for SOA and Web services interoperability; Azure .Net Services SDK for Java; and Eclipse Tools for Silverlight, according to Infoworld.

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