Adobe brings Flash to Android, BlackBerry and more

Google joins Adobe's consortium while Adobe announces Flash 10.1 for all but the iPhone

Adobe made two announcements today sure to bring joy to the hearts of smartphone users. Google has joined Adobe's Open Screen Project, an initiative that helps standardize the display of Flash no matter the screen. Adobe also announced that full support of Flash 10.1 would be available in Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Palm webOS and Windows Mobile devices. (The iPhone is noticeably missing from that list.)

Google's announced involvement with Open Screen was actually upstaged by RIM's announcement that it, too, would be joining Open Stage. Adobe released a nifty press release praising RIM's choice to bring Flash to the BlackBerry. No such press release for Google. Google announced its involvement with Open Screen itself in a terse little blog post. The post pointed out that Google has a long relationship working with Adobe. (So close, in fact, that Google and Adobe are both being named in a patent infringment lawsuit that alleges the two companies are using another's patented text search technology.)

Adobe claims more than 50 members in Open Screen. Again, and not surprisingly, Apple is not listed among them. Neither is Microsoft.

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