Real-user monitoring for free from Correlsense

Business transaction management vendor announces one-year subscription licenses for SharePath RUM for free.

Understanding how applications respond to client requests is critical for many companies, and some vendors say the technology to track such data should be made available at low or no cost.

Applications managed from the end-user perspective

Correlsense starting Wednesday will make available free one-year subscription licenses for its SharePath RUM (real-user measurement) product. The software uses a Transaction Tree feature to show all requests from all tiers of a single transaction to correlate calls and requests among components in an application environment. It tracks transactions and can relate them back to specific user activity. SharePath uses agents installed on all nodes of the monitored applications and transactions, which return data to a centralized repository and management serve so it can be compiled into a Transaction Tree, according to Correlsense.

The company, which competes with the likes of OpTier, says business transaction management technology should offer insight into slow transaction time as well as the cause of the latencies. Company executives say many tools on the market today will report an application has slowed down, but not be able to provide the granular detail needed to understand where problems occur -- more specifically at which hop along its path.

"Companies must be able to determine not only 'how long' a transaction takes, but address the core issues behind what is causing the transaction latency at each hop along hte way in hte data center," said Lanir Shacham, Correlsense CTO in a press release. "We believe it is time to stop throwing tools at parts of the problem and address the difficult task of dynamically detecting and monitoring the entire path of each transaction."

That's part of the reason the company is offering one-year subscription licenses to SharePath RUM for free. More information on SharePath and the limited-time free licenses is available here.

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