Are you Vulnerable?

Recently described vulnerabilities in Cisco Wireless Networks..

Is your network Vulnerable? If you are running 4.x and 5.x WLC software you may be. Ask yourself, "Did I follow Cisco Best Practices?" If you didn't you may be sorry. A recent issue with OTAP has been widely discussed in online forums, blogs, and such. You may be familiar, but, If you don't understand OTAP (Over the Air Provisioning) visit the following site to get you up to speed: if you are familiar with how OTAP works but not with the vulnerability, check out the following URL: Stefanick at claimes that there may be more to it than Cisco is mentioning.  His post with Video detailes it here: aside from that, could your network be even MORE vulnerable?  Hard to imagine right? But check out Georges latest post where he discusses how default SNMP strings could further add to the issue, leaving your network open to some major issues. George Stefanick is a  Senior Wireless Engineer at Texas Medical Center, working on a large wireless network for a major heathcare system.  Guys like this are invaluable.

Nice find George!  Great way to dig deep, find an issue, and teach people what they should do to correct the issue.  It shows that you care about the technology and what can happen if you just take shortcuts (like leaving SNMP strings with default values) to get things up an running in a hurry.


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