Could Vidyo trump LifeSize new desktop and Passport?

With computing power getting better evryday, Vidyo could be the play soon for all companies.

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Vidyo the up and comer in the Telepresence segment have come out with its own SMB version of their product. The new VidyoOne Package is aimed at small business so they can also have Personal Telepresence at the desktop. That's right I said the desktop since Vidyo does not need an appliance as it works as a software package on your computer so there is no need to carry an appliance around. A Vidyo Router in the data center is all you need. 

The VidyoOne package includes all of the Vidyo components needed to deploy VidyoConferencing in a small to medium size organization, all contained within a single, compact 1U appliance. This includes a VidyoRouter, VidyoPortal, VidyoDesktop downloads and multipoint conferencing ports. The VidyoOne appliance may currently be purchased with 5 ports and 25 user seats for $7,000 or with 10 ports and 50 user seats for $14,000. The price includes server hardware and perpetual software licenses. VidyoOne includes an investment protection plan that offers to customers requiring additional capacity the option to return their VidyoOne package within one year of the date purchased for full credit toward the purchase of an expandable VidyoConferencing system.

A couple or things that will set Vidyo apart from LifeSize Passport would be that you do not need to carry an appliance everywhere, you can see at the same time both data and video plus you can resize a multipoint conference call at anytime around your desktop.  Vidyo is different from the LifeSize Desktop as it provides better Max Rx Resolution at 1080p compared to 720p LifseSize, also better Max Tx Resolution at 720p compared to 480p on the LifeSize.

So is Vidyo worth a look to companies who want to save some money, have personal Telepresence at the Desktop? I would say it is because it also has a line of Vidyo Conference Room Solutions that work very well as well.  Right now it is cheaper than LifeSize and provides a great HD Telepresence Video on your desktop.  The web site has a nice demo, Don't get me wrong as a like the LifeSize solution as well since they both have their place, but Vidyo is worth a look.

Don't be surprised if Cisco up's and buys Vidyo after this blog; it would have been a much better move than Tandberg.  

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