Remote Desktop To Windows From Your iPhone

A handy app that can save a trip to your desktop computer

Wouldn't it be convenient to Remote Desktop Connect into your Windows box using your iPhone? That would be great in situations where you're out to dinner, running an errand, to someplace where your computer's not. Enter RDP, Moacha Remoted Desktop iPhone app by

I've tried RDP from my iPhone for a few tasks already and so far it has come in extremely handy, including checking up on server backups, and checking out a server capacity issue. RDP uses the iPhone touch keyboard and tapping the screen acts as a mouse click. Mocha says the app only works with Windows XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7, but not Windows Server products because Mochasoft says "it will require another patent license from Microsoft." So far I've been able to use RDP just fine with Windows Server 2008, so I'm suspecting Mochasoft doesn't want to say it doesn't support Windows Server OSs. (A guess on my part.)RDP supports standard RDP protocol, 8 and 16 bit color modes, a View only mode, Zoom and scroll, supports 600x800,1024x768 and 1280x1024 screen sizes, landscape screen mode, text macros, uses 40 bit encryption, no sound support and supports US International and Danish keyboard types. Guess which country Mochasoft is in. RDP comes in a free lite version,

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