Did Riverbed just put a big move on Cisco with release of 6.0?

Riverbed is the first do MAC

Today Riverbed tried to take a huge leap over Cisco, Blue Coat and Juniper by releasing RIOS 6.0. This biggest part of this announcement is the optimization for Mac clients. This will provide a new market for the company of which they have not had for the last six years. Later this week we are doing a question and answer session with Bob Gilbert of Riverbed on this new release and what it really means to the company and the competition. This will be published in a new blog by Friday. (Disclosure notice: Larry Chaffin is a Riverbed reseller.)

Here is a portion of the press release issued by Riverbed today.

Enabling Citrix success without having to upgrade the WAN

Many organizations using Citrix XenApp have struggled with the performance and feasibility of delivering desktop virtualization across the WAN, impacting employee productivity and usability as a result. To expand its current acceleration for Citrix XenApp applications, Riverbed has simplified configuration and enhanced QoS capabilities for Citrix, with RiOS 6.0 delivering up to 83% bandwidth reduction and up to 50% better response times in real world environments. This reduction in bandwidth will allow organizations to deploy more than twice the number of XenApp clients without having to increase bandwidth at remote sites, while improving performance at the same time. ...

Macs up to 60 times faster

Consumer-side momentum with Apple products has been slowly making inroads in the enterprise, with more employees pushing IT departments to support Macs. As end users expand their options for accessing information, they expect the same performance no matter their location, platform or client. In RiOS 6.0, Riverbed introduces the ability to accelerate Mac clients with CIFS application-specific optimization.

According to Thai Tran, the infrastructure administrator at ESA, a Riverbed customer, "Our Apple Mac users working across the WAN were experiencing delays browsing and accessing files. After we applied the new Mac CIFS optimization feature, the delay was dramatically reduced. For example, prior to RiOS 6.0 an ESA employee downloading a 6.37 MB PDF located in the San Francisco office would wait more than three minutes to open it from a remote location. Once the Mac CIFS optimization was implemented, the same file took on average only three seconds to open. By accessing information 60 times faster, we're able to increase employee productivity and create a better end user experience."

What do you think? Will Mac support be a boon for Riverbed?

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