Cisco ISR G2 model comparison and module support

View pricing on the new Cisco ISR G2 portfolio.

The new Cisco ISR G2 portfolio is priced as follows:

Cisco ISR G2 1900 Series start at $1,595
Cisco ISR G2 2900 Series start at $1,995
Cisco ISR G2 3900 Series start at $9,500
Ala-Carte Services Ready Engine Modules start at $1,000
Ala Carte Video Ready DSP Modules (PVDM3) start at $800
Etherswitch Modules start at $1,295
The base price for the ASR1002-F chassis (ASR1002 System, Fixed ESP, Crypto, 4 built-in GE, 4GB DRAM) is US $20,000

Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 Portfolio Source: Cisco Systems What’s new on the Cisco ISR G2 models vs. the "old" ISR models? Source: Cisco Systems Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2) Model Comparison

Source: Cisco Systems * Up to 2 GB available for use; upgradable to 4 GB in the future. ** LAN switching counts for ISR 2911 through 3945 are based on the latest generation of Switch Service Modules. *** Scales to documented phone support in 15.0.1 rebuild. Cisco ISR G2 Module Support

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What's your take on the new Cisco ISR G2 models?

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