SteelEye releases cluster-enabled replication software

Also, 3PAR and Emulex news

SteelEye Technology on Monday announced that SteelEye DataKeeper now supports Windows Server R2 and multi-site clusters of Hyper-V, SQL Server, file and print, DHCP servers. DataKeeper is data replication software for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. DataKeeper Cluster Edition allows administrators to build geographically dispersed Hyper-V clusters that do not share storage.

Emulex announces general availability of 10Gb converged network adapters adapters

Emulex on Tuesday announced that its OneConnect Universal Converged Network adapters are now available. The OneConnect adapters replace Gigabit Ethernet adapters in servers and offer TCP offload. They feature optional iSCSI and Fibre Channel over Ethernet connectivity via a license key, which administrators can turn on when they want FCoE or iSCSI capability.

3PAR rolls out new software for its storage array

3PAR on Tuesday rolled out new software features that let customers guard against disasters, while preserving service level agreements. Synchronous Long Distance Remote Copy, Persistent Cache and RAID MP are designed to work with 3PAR’s InServ platform. 3PAR’s Remote Copy now supports Synchronous Long Distance replication, a multi-site disaster recovery method that spans extended distances. Persistent Cache is built into the 3PAR InForm operating system and allows organizations to handle both planned and unplanned downtime. It eliminates the performance penalties associated with ‘write-through’ mode by presering write caching in the event of a controller node failure by re-mirroring cache to other nodes. RAID-MP allows RAID-6 multi-parity capability for disk drive configurations above 1TB in capacity.

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