Six Hot Android Topics at DroidCamp

We're currently in Berlin attending droidcamp and droidcon conferences. Droidcamp, primarily for Android developers, was quite a success today, with many great sessions.

Lauren and I presented two--one on tips and tricks for Android projects (which are up 94% this month, according to and another for Android beginners. We listened to the developer buzz and went to a bunch of sessions. Here is our take on the hot topics simmering within the Android community here:

  1. Augmented Reality: This came up many times in discussions.
  2. New Handsets: To date, there aren't many shipping Android handsets. Many, however, have been announced. These new handsets are highly anticipated.
  3. Monetization: Many talks were focused on how to make money with Android.
  4. Device Fragmentation: With the coming handsets and other hardware with various different versions of Android, the upcoming device fragmentation issue is rearing it's ugly head.
  5. Comparing iPhone: At almost every turn of conversation, comparisons with the iPhone were made.
  6. The Year of Android: Will 2010 be the Year of Android?

Surprisingly, the new release of Android SDK 2.0 did not make the main stream discussions, but the new Droid phones (2.0) did come up occasionally. LBS is still hot here, but not overwhelmingly so.


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