SolarWinds upgrades free TFTP Server product

Vendor brings veteran free tool up to speed on today's network management needs.

SolarWinds this week announced it had enhanced an old favorite in its vault of freeware products: TFTP Server.

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TFTP Server works using the Trivial File Transfer Protocol, or TFTP, and helps network engineers perform such tasks as backing up configurations, changing community strings and running IOS updates. SolarWinds first introduced the tool in 1998, and this week updated it to handle large file transfers and support configurations from multi-vendor network devices.

According to company executives, TFTP Server should be in every engineer's toolbox to speed tasks such as uploading or downloading "executable images and configurations to routers, switches, firewalls and other network infrastructure devices."

"It's hard to imagine doing my job as a network engieer without utilizing a TFTP Server. Whether I'm backing up and pushing configs or upgrading IOS, being an engineer without a TFTP Server would be sort of like trying to be a mechanic without a pair of pliers," wrote Josh Stephens, SolarWinds head geek in his blog on the company's community site, thwack.

This release of SolarWinds TFTP Server supports multi-threated tasks, meaning it enables network engineers to concurrently upload and download images from multiple network devices. This version also provides "advanced security," according to the vendor, by authorizing specific IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses for transfers.

"Multi-threaded, faster than greased lightening, able to handle large files (up go 4GB) in a single transfer, easy to install and configure, and with a small footprint, it's probably installed on more network engineers' laptops than any networking tool out there," Stephens wrote.

SolarWinds TFTP Server can be downloaded here.

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