Cisco ISR Generation 2 does appear to bring value, at least in UC (voice and video)

ISR G2 UC capacity

Although the ISR G2 announcement from Cisco seems like more of the same, but faster and stronger, there are significant improvements related to voice and video that are worth mentioning. Here is a table that shows them:

This does not show many differences in some of the devices, for example you can get 24 T1/E1 ports on a 3845 and on a 3945, but in order to support 24 T1's it takes a strong CPU and sufficient DSP resources. Those are only available in a 3945 :

Another difference is in the Call Manager express capacity, which is significantly bigger in all the new platforms:

Finally, the added functionality in PVDM3 is an important addition which allows enough DSP resources to support hardware based conferencing and transcoding in a high capacity, without the need to add more devices (which was required sometimes in the G1 devices due to the 64 DS0 limit in PVDM2). PVDM3 can support up to 256 DS0.

There is an updated DSP calculator tool which support G2 at:

Overall there is an improvement in the Voice capacity and this is a good thing for the typical enterprise customer.

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