Father of SIP bolts Cisco for Skype

Mike Volpi successfully recruited Cisco technical star Dr. Jonathan Rosenberg to join Skype.

Mike Volpi kept his word to his Skype investment group, he got the Father of SIP - Jonathan Rosenberg, to jump ship. Skype announced Roseberg jumped ship from Cisco the day after our blog story published emails that disclosed Rosenberg had an interest in discussing Skype with Volpi. Rosenberg is now Skype's Chief Technology Strategist - responsible for Skype's overall architecture and technology strategy.

Daniel Berg - Skype's CTO had this to say about bringing Rosenberg onboard: "We are tremendously excited to have Jonathan Rosenberg join us. His experience and his track record of innovation within the industry will be a great asset for us. Having someone of Jonathan's caliber join our talented technology team will help us continue to stay ahead and build for the future." Email from Mike Volpi discussing the skills and abilities of Skype CTO Daniel Berg: Interestingly, the person who did not make the new Skype team? Why none other then Mike Volpi himself.

What's your take, how much of a loss to Cisco will Rosenberg's departure be?

Do you think Rosenberg will convince other Cisco stars to join Skype too?

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