Manage power consumption for free

Spiceworks plug-in automatically regulates the power consumption of networked computers at no cost to IT managers.

IT managers feeling the need to be green can achieve some energy-efficient results without doling out cash by downloading Spiceworks IT Desktop software and the company's new Power Manager plug-in application.

Free management software gets network smarts

Managing PC power, data center and network device energy consumption

Spiceworks this week released the free application that the vendor says will enable IT managers to automatically regulate the power consumption of networked computers. Power Manager plug-in, available for download here, includes features such as remote power consumption management, which lets IT managers use Wake On LAN and Intel vPro technology features to power-on and power-off devices based on schedules and other factors.

Spiceworks worked with Intel to enable such power management capabilities, and the Power Manager plug-in also offers a visual map of networked machines and devices that are powered on or powered off. Spiceworks also included a display of the dollars saved by implementing power management best practices. The view shows savings per day and month based on current price/kwh and watts used by network devices, according to Spiceworks.

"Building more energy-efficient PCs and devices is only one step in making IT green," said Scott Abel, co-founder and CEO of Spiceworks, in a statement. "The software that manages networked devices can also play a more active role in saving energy."

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