CodySafe Admin Pack & Launcher: The Swiss Army Knife of portable admin apps

CodySafe Admin pack and Launcher the admin toolset you carry with you...literally

I have written the past about portable applications that Admins can carry with them. I came across a new 'suite' of portable applications that are being touted as the Admins Swiss Army Knife, and for good reason. The CodySafe Admin pack hosts 75 portable administrative tools into a single suite that installs onto a portable device and takes up less than 63MB of space. Within this tiny package are tools for handling all of the most common Admin tasks such as: • Data Recovery • Password Recovery • Disk tools • File & FTP managers • Network Tools • Security • System Information and more... CodySafe admin pack includes some of the most popular portable apps like clamwin, KiTTY, network stumbler and Filezilla. CodySafe also offers Launcher software, which uses a Windows Vista Start Menu GUI. The launcher allows you to add all the tools of the admin pack and even allows you to add other portable tools (simply by adding the executable). Both tools are offered free by Codyssey Download the Admin pack and launcher at the Codyssey Website. I enjoy having all the tools necessary for dealing with the unexpected no matter where I am. When I am at a client site, where I have limited control on what it is they have put into effect for administering their network. I like the idea of having available tools I can pull out of my pocket and get things rolling. The CodeSafe Admin pack and launcher gives Admins the tools they need where they may be (hey that rhymes…look out Dr. Suess).

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