Juniper steals spotlight from Cisco again with second flavor of 100G Ethernet

10x10G interface for the T1600 joins single 100G Ethernet card; Cisco modules expected soon

In the jostling to grab the headlines for next-gen 100Gbps Ethernet, Juniper this week unveiled its second offering: a 10x10G Ethernet physical interface card (PIC) for its T1600 core router. This follows the June introduction of a single 100G Ethernet interface card for the T1600 which may indeed have been the first 100G Etherent product introduction from the major router and switch vendors.

The oversubscribed Ethernet interfaces on Juniper's new 10x10 PIC can be used to aggregate client-facing access interfaces, or to provide connectivity in and between virtualized routers, Juniper says. This will enable customers to use the router in more diverse deployment scenarios, such as using virtualization to consolidate edge and core functionality, the company says.

The T1600 can support a total of sixteen 10x10 PICs per chassis, for a total of 160 10G Ethernet interfaces in a half-rack, Juniper says. Up to 80 of these interfaces can operate at line-rate speed, or the T1600 can be oversubscribed at a 2:1 ratio.

Juniper demonstrated both the 10x10 and 100G Ethernet PICs at the SC09 supercomputing conference in Portland, OR., this week. The 10x10 PIC will be available in Q1.

On the competitive front, Alcatel-Lucent followed Juniper's June 100G announcement by about five weeks with 100G interface plans for its 7750 router and 7450 Ethernet switch. The company expects to ship this module by mid-2010.

And Cisco announced a 16x10G Ethernet blade for its ASR 9000 edge router in August. The company also conducted tests of a 100G Ethernet interface on its CRS-1 carrier core router at Comcast a year ago. The ASR 9000 module will ship in December; and Cisco said the CRS-1 card should ship close to the time the IEEE 40G/100G standard is ratified, which is expected to be mid-2010.

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