Index Page - 2009 Series on Why CCNA Seems Difficult

A Reference to Posts in 2009 about the CCNA Exam and its Challenges

CCNA Diffcultives Index Page

This blog post lists links to a 6-part series on the CCNA Certification, examining the reasons why many people find the exam surprisingly difficult.  This series was posted to this blog in July-Sept 2009. This index is here as a convenience for those searching for information on these topics.

Part 1 - Why is Passing CCNA so Difficult?

Part 2 - Why CCNA is Difficult, Part 2

Part 3 - CCNA Time Pressure and Exam Options

Part 4 - CCNA Time Management

Part 5 - How to Approach Sims

Part 6 - How to Approach Simlets

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