Will Browser Extensions Make Their Way Into Chrome OS

Chrome browser is getting extensions like Firefox. Why not Chrome OS?

Firefox has shown us the value of being able to customize your web browser through extentions. Extensions are coming in the Chrome 4 browser beta. Developers creating extensions per Google's developer documentation can now upload their Chrome extensions in preparation for the release of the Chrome 4 beta. But the Google-ites speaking about the early look at Chrome OS wouldn't say much about support for extensions in the all browser Chrome operating system.

If extensions do as well in Google's browser as they have in Firefox, it seems inevitable that extensions will be a part of the Chrome OS. The question will be, how will Chrome OS treat 3rd party components that could be downloaded into what is really a very tightly controlled OS. There are several paths that Google could take.

One that seems likely would be for Google to closely control what extensions can be run in the Chrome OS browser, providing only a subset of extensions that could be used with Chrome OS.

With the coming of extensions in the Chrome 4 browser, the questions about extensions in Chrome OS will build, which might cause Google to give us an answer sooner than later.

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