Bank of America grappling with more network woes

Latest difficulties spawn steady stream of invective on Twitter

(Update: If you're arriving here Jan. 29, 2010, chances are you're looking for info about the latest BoA Web site outage. I don't have much yet, but what I do know can be found here.)

Bank of America is having network difficulties today, which for BoA is akin to saying they're open for business. In other words, we've been here before ... and before ... and before.

This time there seems to be a problem with transferring funds ... and you can watch customers seethe in real-time on Twitter, which is how the disruption first came to my attention. Tweeted reader/IT pro Art Conklin:

@buzzblog BoA outage - "We are unable to process any new transfer requests at this time. Please try again later. ..." Art Conklin

That was just before lunch and it was clear from searching the Twitter stream for "Bank of America" that the trouble and resultant frustrations had been ongoing for some time.

A sample of the safe-for-work comments:

@elizsoergel bank of america, you're killing me here. you tell me to transfer money, but you won't let me do so. :(

@mbsand B/c bank of America can't figure out their network issues I have to run all over town to pay my rent.

@NGospelThisWeek Bank of America is on my list this week. If they can't get my accounts straight today there is gonna be "trouble... trouble."

Much to its credit, Bank of America does have a Twitter presence -- BoA_help -- whose representatives Tara, Kasey and Georgann were tweeting their fingers to the bone in an effort to stem the tide.

@ihearttheroad I work for Bank of America. Please be assured we are trying to get this matter resolved in an expedited manner.

@derekthetech Our technical teams are working on this issue. Please be assured we are trying to get this resolved in an expedited manner.

And so on and so forth.

Notwithstanding the trio's best attempts at damage control, most customers remained unassuaged, witness:

@djdeanmichaels Bank of america is the worst bank in the world.

In the world.

(Update: My man, Art Conklin, who should probably get a byline on this post, reports again via Twitter: "BoA tech help says they know about the issue, and 'please go into a retail branch and have them perform the transfer.' "

They still have branches?

And another from Conklin: "BoA (has) no fix ETA available on transfer outage" as of 2:30 Eastern.)

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