The Apple Tablet is the most intriguing Apple product since the iPhone, and may prove to be just as revolutionary

The rumored Apple Tablet may prove to be just as revolutionary as the iPhone

Before Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPhone at Macworld 2007, the device was the subject of incessant and countless rumors, yet no one really had a firm grasp on what the iPhone actually was.  In a similar vein, rumors of the impending Apple tablet seem to be picking up steam, and much like the iPhone, well-formed ideas as to what the device is actually capable of remain blurry at best.  Some reports point to a 9.6-inch touch screen while others speak of a 7-inch touch screen. The tablet, in the end, may simply be a glorified iPod Touch that can play movies, music ,and browse the web. Or, it may, as some rumors have stated, revolutionize the print medium as we know it today.  I guess when it comes down to it, the only thing everyone can agree upon regarding the tablet is that we really don't know what it's going to be able to do.

But unlike the iPhone, we have a lot more clues as to what Apple's rumored tablet will be capable of, and a recent video released by Time Inc. and developed in conjunction with The Wonderfactory, purports to show how an issue of Sports Illustrated would appear on an Apple tablet.  As you can see below, an issue of Sports Illustrated, when optimized for a tablet, seemingly comes to life with crisp pictures, downloadable and up to date content, and even the ability to fully customize themagazine's layout.  Remember that a number of sources have noted that the Apple Tablet will come with built-in 3G connectivity.

At the end of the day, the only party who truly knows everything about the tablet is Apple, and like always, they ain't talking.  But because the tablet will reportedly have a focus on print media, Apple necessarily has to reach out to third party publishers who will need to provide the content for the device, and in doing so, it has to release certain details about the device to those large publishing houses.  And as luck would have it, reports of Apple conducting talks with a slew of publishers have been making the rounds on the web for weeks now.

There's no denying that the Apple tablet is the most pervasive, curious, and intriguing Apple rumor since speculation about the iPhone reached a frenzied peak back in late 2007.  And should the tablet in fact come out in the second half of 2010, as is rumored, you can bet that if it's anything like the mockup video above, it really will revolutionize the print medium as we know it today.

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