Cisco not big on smartphones

Chambers pours water on speculation in interview

Cross that Cisco smartphone off your Christmas list. CEO John Chambers said in this Bloomberg interview that he's not big on the company offering one of its own.

Speculation's been around for a while that Cisco would offer a smartphone at some point. Seems only likely that in order to drive people to fill bandwidth to necessitate infrastructure upgrades, you might as well give them the car.

The Flip videocam acquisition appeared -- and still appears -- to be heading that way. Especially since smartphones like the iPhone already enable video recording and playback. The Flip-to-smartphone speculation arose most recently a few weeks ago after word leaked that Flip would be WiFi-enabled in the first half of next year.

But Chambers says he'd rather partner with an established player than compete with them. Where have we heard that before?

Some analysts quoted in the Bloomberg piece believe Cisco will be forced to flip the Flip into a smartphone lest it be annihilated by video-enabled smartphones.

What do you think?

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