gogoNET by gogo6: New Social Networking Site for IPv6

IPv6 people unite on gogoNET.gogo6.com

The IPv6 community has always been a pretty tight-knit community. IPv6 has taken a while to become mainstream and those who are focused on the protocol have had plenty of years to get to know each other. Now is your chance to join the IPv6 community if you haven't already. There is a new social networking site called gogoNET which is dedicated to those who are interested in IPv6 technologies.

Today an announcement was made about the official launch of the gogo6 site. After a two-month "beta" period, gogo6 is ready for the full launch of gogoNet; the first social networking site for IPv6 collaboration.

Those in the IPv6 inner circle have known about the individuals working on gogo6 for many years. Bruce Sinclair (former CEO of Hexago) and Mikael Lind (former CTO of Hexago) have formed gogo6 from the remaining components of Hexago and go6.net this past summer. Many of us have used the Hexago Tunnel Service Protocol (TSP) client which later became the Freenet6 client. Now you can use the free gogo6 TSP client to gain access to the IPv6 Internet when you are on an IPv4-only network. The gogoCLIENT is particularly useful when traveling and your dual-protocol laptop needs IPv6 connectivity but you are at an IPv4-only coffee shop. I have used their server before and I must tell you it is very easy to configure and for your users to access.

If you are interested in collaborating with others on IPv6, then I would highly recommend you join this site and start to feed off the energy of the IPv6 community. You can connect to me as I am already a member of the site.


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