Cloud storage startup grabs $8 million in funding, promises product in spring 2010

Nasuni promises secure control over data

A cloud startup founded this year is preparing a storage offering after securing $8 million in Series A funding.

Nasuni, based in the small town of Natick, Mass., is being pretty quiet about what it will actually offer so we'll have to wait and see what they do. The company's Web site lets people sign up to receive updates, but offers little information about its technology. Today's venture capital market has only scant money available for true startups, though, so the fact that Nasuni was able to get funded means it could have something interesting in the works.

Nasuni is hinting that its cloud storage platform will be more secure than today's offerings. The company calls itself "the gateway to cloud storage" and says it will "deliver unlimited protected storage at an exceptional value."

"Nasuni, founded to democratize cloud storage and make it feasible for more businesses, is led by technology veterans with a long track record in data access, storage, and protection," the company says in a press release issued this week.

The founders are Andres Rodriguez and Robert Mason, who were previously behind Archivas. Hitachi Data Systems acquired Archivas in 2007 for $120 million and the acquired company's technology "is currently at the heart of the HDS cloud initiative."

Nasuni's financial backing comes from North Bridge Venture Partners and Sigma Partners, and the startup has gained vocal support from several industry types. John Clancy, former president of Iron Mountain Digital, for example, is serving on Nasuni's board of directors.

Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Steve Duplessie lent his name to Nasuni's press release, with the following quote: "“The commercial public cloud simply is not going to happen in a big way until the user has solid, secure control over their data.  Nasuni has understood this from day one, and engineered its offerings to address this exact issue.  The fact that they were able to do it so fast is a testament to focused execution by a focused team.  This is one play everyone should keep their eye on.” 

Nasuni will unveil its first products in spring 2010.

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