Top Ten Scrooge List for SQL Server 2008

sql server

Thinking of Christmas as a special time of year invariably raises thoughts of the Dickens classic "A Christmas Carol". There's a little bit of Scrooge in all of us, waiting to be redeemed by a random act of kindness as we approach the holidays. In the spirit of the season, I started thinking about those features that Microsoft charges top-dollar for in SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, that really should be included in the other editions. So here is my first annual "Top Ten Scrooge list for SQL Server": 1. Data Compression 2. Data Driven Subscriptions 3. Database Snapshots 4. Backup Compression 5. Transparent Data Encryption 6. Peer to Peer Replication 7. Distributed Partitioned Views 8. Fuzzy Lookups in Integration Services 9. Scale-Out Reporting Services 10. Infinite Clickthrough in Report Builder Perhaps on Christmas eve Microsoft will be visited by 3 ghosts and Tiny Tim will get to use these great features come the New Year? Bah! Humbug! Happy Holidays! Brian

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