John Chambers: Big is back... Cisco is the example

Is Cisco too innovative?

Earlier this month, Cisco CEO John Chambers pontificated to a gathering of financial analysts:

"Big is back... Cisco is the example. The only criticism of Cisco now is a question of are we too innovative... And that's where we want to be."

Do you agree with John Chambers that big is back and Cisco's the example? Perhaps on the flip side of John Chambers' Cisco coin are the sentiments expressed below by Dual CCIE 18532, Router/Switch & Security, George Morton:

Over the past month I have had a real bad time with a number of small ISP’s. You say that’s news! Exactly. So what is the point? The problem with IP networking is that we are in a business that is very mature in the business cycle." The business philosophy of Steve Wynn founder of Wynn Resorts (WYNN) is the "Three Little Pigs." The motto being; "build your business out of bricks to weather any storm." The below table reflects the mature nature of the IP business. On the equipment side, only F5 is at a new nine year high. For ISPs, it looks like only two are winners, AT&T and Verizon. The rest are on a steady decline to merger.
George Morton's Table: Is IP Networking A Mature Business? View the video below of Steve Wynn's, "Everything you need to know about business can be learned from the Three Little Pigs."

What's your take, do you agree with John Chambers that big is back and Cisco's the example?

Also, do you agree with George Morton that IP networking is a mature business?

Finally, is Cisco an example of Steve Wynn's Three Little Pigs business analogy?

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