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A nice new feature of the web site is the Top Ten Lists. It reminds me of the Book of Lists from the seventies and also David Letterman's Top Ten. But a bit more serious. With this resource on the web we can collect lists of links that provide insight to any SQL Subject. And you can submit your own. For instance, the first list on SQL Profiler starts off with a great article on Deadlocks by Brad McGeHee which I know is excellent so that validates that list for sure. There's a list for Execution Plan links including advanced subjects such as Plan Guides. There's one on Reporting Services including the ReportViewer in SQL 2008. Analysis Services with links for MDX. In the SSIS List there is a great link to the SSIS Team Blog which currently addresses Slowly Changing Dimensions and performance in SQL 2008. Excellent stuff. Each list seems to have a nugget or two of information in it for multiple levels of expertise. It looks a great resource. Currently there are 9 Top Ten Lists, so they must be crying out for a tenth to round out the top ten "top ten" lists. I am not sure they would appreciate my Top Ten Scrooge list for SQL Server. The lists are much more useful than that. Here's the main link: Check it out. cheers Brian

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