Cognidox offers a SAAS application for document sharing, management and control, enhancing collaboration.

Cognidox offers a web-based, SAAS application to help teams spread around the world and in multiple time zones, collaborate more easily.

With its plug-in for Microsoft Word 2007, Cognidox, is a simple, web-based application that allows employees of companies of all sizes to upload documents, grant permission to team mates for viewing, editing or approving, and to upload them for online storage with revision histories, for anytime, anywhere access. Partners and customers can also be given permission to access these documents.

A small, UK-based, Microsoft BizSpark Startup, Cognidox already has customers in the semiconductor, system-on-a-chip, consumer electronics and embedded systems industries. According to the Cognidox Customer Information page, a few of its customers include SolarFlare, Audium and picoChip.

Cognidox integrates with existing product development applications and can be used by knowledge workers in all departments from engineering to marketing to sales.

Prices start at an up-front installation fee of GBP 2,500 and a monthly subscription fee of GBP 20 per user per month.

What is great about Cognidox is its vision encompassing collaboration among employees in all functions of an organization, from engineering to marketing, sales, finance, human resources, and so on. I believe productivity has been defined in personal terms for a long time. Habits have been formed around creating documents, storing them on personal storage devices including a lap top, and then sharing them on an ad hoc, need to know basis via email or intranet sites. To truly maximize the usefulness of collaboration-facilitating applications such as Cognidox, knowledge workers will have to change old habits: from a paradigm around personal productivity to a paradigm around team productivity. The Microsoft Word 2007 plug-in is great, as it facilitates just this scenario.

A few features from Cognidox' web site...

  • Effective document lifecycle and automated workflows: draft, reviewed, issued, approved, published and version control
  • Email notification of document and category changes, customer downloads, etc.
  • Restrict rights to documents based on security profiles containing users or groups
  • Single sign-on, creation of users or groups from LDAP or Active Directory
  • Configurable SSL encryption (from 128-bit to 256-bit) of connections to Cognidox
  • Audit tracking of user actions
  • "Extranet-in-a-Box" instant web portal solutions based on Joomla
  • Access control using License, Licensee, and License Acceptance Agreement tags
  • Document control for ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, GMP CFR 21 Part 11 and 820
  • Records auditability (Sarbanes Oxley SOX Act 2002)
  • Plug-In framework and pre-integrated support for Microsoft Word 2007, R&D (SVN, Bugzilla), sales (, SugarCRM), and Helpdesk (OTRS, RSTickets)
  • Search
  • Accessible through Command Line and SOAP interfaces
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