With four days until Word injunction, Microsoft files another appeal in i4i case

i4i Chairman, says, "We continue to be confident that we will prevail.”

Microsoft today filed another appeal in an attempt to overturn the court's ruling in the $290M case against i4i. In December, a court issued an injunction preventing Microsoft from selling new copies of Word 2003, Word 2007 and Word for Mac 2008. The injunction starts in 3 days on January 11.

i4i released the following statement

Toronto, January 8, 2010 – Today, Microsoft filed a petition with the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals seeking to have the i4i vs. Microsoft case, regarding Microsoft Word, reheard by that Court.

This follows a December 22, 2009 judgment by the Court of Appeals that upheld both the jury’s verdict and the August 11, 2009 Final Judgment by The Honorable Judge Leonard Davis that ruled in favor of i4i and found that Microsoft had wilfully infringed i4i’s U.S. Patent No. 5,787,449. Loudon Owen, i4i Chairman, says, “This next step of seeking a rehearing was anticipated.  We continue to be confident that we will prevail.”  Mr. Owen continues, “In the meantime, the injunction against Microsoft goes into effect in three days, on Monday January 11.  We look forward to continuing to build i4i’s business now that Microsoft is obligated to comply with the terms of the injunction.  i4i stands ready to work with the wide range of customers that require this custom xml functionality.” i4i is a global technology company headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For more information on i4i v. Microsoft, selected court documents can be found on www.i4ilp.com.

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