Deskspace: Make your Windows system a virtual 3D workspace!!

I spend most time reviewing tools that will make Windows environments better, easier to administer and more secure. Every once in a while I get to talk about something that is just plain fun! This is one of those times and I am quite excited about this tool. Some time ago I saw a video on YouTube for the Beryl project which works on Linux machines. The video showed how Beryl blows away the Windows Aero effect by providing a 3D environment for the desktop. I download Ubuntu and installed it along with the Beryl desktop tool and it completely rocked!! Since then I have been looking for something on the Windows side to do the same thing. Not that Ubuntu isn’t fun, but my bread and butter are Microsoft products. And the way I reason is that software is software… if you can do it on Linux, it can be done on Windows or MAC or whatever else has a GUI interface. So that is why I am so pumped up by the discovery of Deskspace by Otaku Software. Deskspace allows you to operate in a virtual 3D desktop environment that looks incredibly cool. You can use the mouse wheel to scroll through virtual desktops or you can hold down the shift-ctrl-alt keys and move the virtual space in all sorts of directions. While I was playing (and that’s what I was doing…playing) I thought about the technical implications of this tool. As an IT Admin I worked with dual screens, most days I could have used three or four screens. However, I had no room on my desk for more than two. I also had no budget for those quad screen monitors. I thought it would be cool to have more desktop space without having another monitor. Often times I need to see something full screen but not necessarily all day long. Then there were times I needed to monitor users and I had the need to be discreet of course. With Deskspace it is a simple flick of the mouse wheel and I am working on something else, with no indication on the taskbar that anything else is happening. Cool to use, nice looking effects and a real manageable IT use. Not to mention that deskspace is not expensive (less than $25 for a single license). Deskspace is available for a free 14-day trial download. This is a product you need to try! If you need more convincing check out their demo screens and videos

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