CCIE Voice and Cisco employee - Brad Cooper: Arrested and charged with first-degree murder

Brad Cooper - CCIE #13747 Voice, a Canadian citizen and 8-year Cisco employee working as a VoIP Architect at Cisco's Research Triangle Park, N.C. campus under an H-1B Visa, has been arrested and charged with the first-degree murder of his wife - Nancy Cooper, also a Canadian citizen. If convicted of first-degree murder, Cooper faces either the death penalty or a life in prison sentence without the possibility of parole. As CCIE #13747 Voice, Cooper earned more than $100,000 last year and has been on paid leave. Cooper is being held in jail without bond (view the order for Cooper's arrest). He remains a Cisco employee.

Official Cisco Statement as of November 25th, 2008: "For privacy reasons, Cisco's general policy is to not comment on individual personnel matters. "However, we can confirm that Brad Cooper is currently a Cisco employee and that the company is currently reviewing his employee status in light of the pending criminal charges against him." View a video shot back in July 2008, two weeks after the body of Nancy Cooper was found. In the video, police searched Brad Cooper's office in Cisco's Research Triangle Park campus (view sealed search warrant for Cooper's Cisco office).

Police Search Brad Cooper’s Work Office The Missing Poster for Nancy Cooper View the timeline of Nancy Cooper's murder. Read Brad Cooper's affidavit where he provides details about his job at Cisco, his wife Nancy Cooper's supposedly out-of-control spending, both his and his wife's extramarital affairs, along with many other personal details, including his activities during the day his wife disappeared. Read the custody order for Brad Cooper's 2 daughters in which Nancy Cooper's family state their belief that Brad Cooper is responsible for the murder of Nancy Cooper, the mother of the 2 girls. View 10 revealing videos of Brad Cooper's 7-hour long child custody deposition: Video 1 - Brad Cooper answers questions about problems in his marriage, including an affair he admits to having several years ago (at the 10:40 time mark, Cooper discusses his "indiscretion" in the master bedroom closet of his home). Video 2 - Brad Cooper talks about friends, how he and his wife met and his job at Cisco (at the 27:45 time mark, Cooper begins to discuss his job working at Cisco by naming his coworkers as well as the names of the supervisors that he reports to directly at Cisco. Amazingly, towards the end of the video Cooper discusses having sex with the former wife of a Cisco coworker). Video 3 - Brad Cooper talks about undergoing a mental exam. There is also discussion of finances and who had access to what accounts (astonishingly, at the start of this video Cooper again discusses his sexual relationship with the former wife of a Cisco coworker and how his wife Nancy Cooper learned of that sexual relationship). Video 4 - Brad Cooper answers questions about bank accounts, credit card debt and disagreements over purchases (at the 17:00 time mark, Cooper discusses his Cisco base salary of $112,000 per year and a bonus of $25-$30,000 from Cisco that he received in September 2008 - 2 months after his wife Nancy Cooper was murdered). Video 5 - Brad Cooper talks about a draft separation agreement with his wife that he considered to be unfair (also, a Judge is called on the speaker phone to discuss why Cooper has not responded to a police request to come down and make a formal statement at the police station). Video 6 - Brad Cooper talks about his efforts to clean the home after Nancy Cooper became upset that he had not done enough cleaning around the house. Video 7 - Brad Cooper discusses custody arrangements he and his wife Nancy Cooper were making regarding their two children. He also talks about what happened the night before his wife Nancy disappeared. Video 8 - Brad Cooper talks about his schedule while in graduate school and the day prior to his wife Nancy Cooper's disappearance. Video 9 - Brad Cooper says he hired a private investigator. Video 10 - Brad Cooper answers final follow-up questions. Brad Cooper's ex-fiancee questions the "truthfulness" of Cooper's child custody video deposition. The child custody depositions concluded with Cooper being denied custody of his 2 daughters in a very rare decision, based almost entirely on the belief that Cooper was responsible for his wife's murder. Finally, view the video of Brad Cooper's indictment for the murder of his wife - Nancy Cooper. Update: Cisco has confirmed that Brad Cooper has resigned from Cisco Systems.

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