A conversation with Bob Gilbert, Chief Evangelist for Riverbed Technology

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Riverbed continues to innovate in this market by building on our purpose-built architecture with advanced features and capabilities and extending optimization from the branch office to the mobile worker environment.  During Riverbed's recent vision day conference we also shared our plans for extending our ground-breaking optimizations that we do for the WAN and apply that to primary storage at the data center.  With our new product, called Atlas, Riverbed becomes a high-performance I.T. infrastructure company that will help CIOs to improve the overall performance and agility, while dramatically lowering costs for their entire I.T. infrastructure. In this economy, CIOs don't need vitamins, they need medicine to improve the health of their I.T. to do more with less. Riverbed is exactly what the doctor ordered. We very much look forward to the coming year.

16. Our last question for you Bob, think you might win Best of Interop with these new features to the product line?

While I respect the Interop event and we typically have a strong presence at Interop Vegas and NY, I don't pay too much attention to trade-show awards.  The awards that hold the most value are those where product evaluations are involved in the selection criteria.  When you test Riverbed against the competition in a real-world bake-off, we rarely lose.  

Remarks from Larry:

I think with this new version of RiOS software, the Steelhead Mobile and the RSP the competition is going to be looking hard for customers. Riverbed continues to provide more options and support for customers than any other company in the market. I know that the Riverbed haters and the Cisco lovers are going to start the bashing campaign on this post, but I am not sure why. Riverbed has moved forward where Cisco really has not, Cisco is going to have a hard time getting people to drink the WAAS Kool-Aid now. I cannot see how they are going to get past these new features on the steelhead.

This brings me back to an old post I started, should they get out now?

Will Cisco ever catch Riverbed or should they just get out now?

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