Cisco scrap turned into $100M gold mine

The executive responsible for processing Cisco scrap (the return of used equipment under Cisco trade-ins and take-back/recycling programs) gave a fascinating interview to the EcoInnovator blog.

In less than 3-years, Dan Gilbert - Cisco Vice President for Reverse Logistics, turned 6 million pounds of Cisco product returns (scrap equivalent to 12 football fields filled knee-deep) from an $8 million expense into a profit center that contributed $100 million to the Cisco bottom line last year. According to Gilbert, "One of the myths is that you should treat all returns the same, the reality is there is a huge variation in the products you receive. You really have to dig into the details."

A story in DC Velocity states: "From 1995 to 2005, Cisco discarded more than 95 percent of its returned goods. According to company estimates, the Web networking giant in 2005 dumped $500 million worth of returns, junking enough product to cover 12 football fields knee-deep. By 2005, Cisco's returns business was a bona fide cost center. That year, it spent $8 million more to process returns than it generated in revenue from selling some of the items at residual raw material value." Read further on how Gilbert turned Cisco scrap into a $100 millon gold mine: Turning “Scrap” into Profit Reverse Logistics - hold 'em or fold 'em Related Story: Soft economy lifts the Cisco gray market

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