Technology That Works: Mobile Fotos and over-the-air podcast downloads

Even though the holidays are upon us, the soured economy has everyone in a depressed mood. But, there's new research that says one person's happiness can ripple to those around them. With that in mind, here are a couple of technology items that make me smile in hopes they will bring you some joy too:

Mobile Fotos' Nearby feature:

Mobile Fotos

I've been using Mobile Fotos on my iPhone for a while (even featuring it in a video), but just recently started using the "Nearby" feature, which, as you may have guessed, shows geotagged Flickr images in your vicinity. MobileFotos pulls your location from the iPhone's GPS and you customize the date range and area radius that you'd like to search. Very addicting.

Over-the-air podcast downloads

iPhone podcast downloads

Another iPhone (and iPod Touch) related piece of technology: The latest firmware from Apple (version 2.2) includes the ability to download podcasts via Wi-Fi or cell network. No need to sync with a PC. I love this because now I can grab the latest versions of my favorite podcasts (like This Week in Photography) while brewing the morning coffee and without having to boot up my aging PC, launch iTunes and sync. I can do it all via the iPhone over Wi-Fi in a matter of minutes. Don't bother over the cell network, takes a while particularly for the longer shows like Twisted Pair.

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