New open-source router appliance ups ante in competition with Cisco

Tomorrow, open-source routing vendor Vyatta will announce its new networking appliance, the Vyatta 2502, upping the ante in its competition with Cisco. According to the Vyatta announcement, its new 2502 network appliance takes advantage of hardware technology advances to deliver 2.4 GHz dual-core forwarding performance as well as large memory size. Pricing on the new appliance will start at $2,747. The announcement continued that with more than 2GB of RAM, the Vyatta 2502 delivers eight times the standard memory offering of the Cisco 2800 and 3800 series ISR family. The Vyatta 2502 offers dual, redundant 250GB hard disk drives in a RAID-1 configuration, which deliver large amounts of storage for advanced features such as web caching, intrusion prevention, and anti-virus scanning.

"If you’re in the market for a mid-range enterprise networking solution, you can’t beat the price/performance of the Vyatta 2500 appliances," said Kelly Herrell - CEO of Vyatta. "As the recession wreaks havoc on IT budgets during this holiday season, Vyatta is giving a gift to over-extended network managers everywhere -- all the network power and performance they need for an extraordinarily low price."
In a note to yours truly, Vyatta stated:
"One of the interesting things about the open source software-based networking is the ability to capitalize on rapid improvements in x86 hardware. As hardware performance and cost improves, Vyatta has the ability to take advantage of that immediately and pass the improvements and savings on to customers. "This is apparent with the new product – the Vyatta 2502 – which has 2x memory, dual core processor, 5x storage - starting at only $400 more than its predecessor, the 2501 (which was launched only 4 months ago). "x86 hardware has roughly doubled in performance and capacity every year, while price-per-oomph has fallen every year. That's a level of price/performance advancement that no proprietary hardware vendor can touch. "It's been four years since Cisco launched the ISR family – and those products are still shipping on the same hardware platform."

Official response from Cisco regarding the Vyatta note above:

"Brad, "As you know, Cisco has a healthy respect for all competitors and we take all competitors seriously. However, as a technology strategy our focus is very much on making customers and partners successful. It’s this customer focus that has helped us stay ahead of the competition. "A recent example of this customer-partner focus was announced just a few weeks ago. Take a look at how Cisco and Verizon Business helped Colgate-Palmolive increase its productivity and reduce IT costs and how we continue to innovate on the Cisco ISR platform with new capabilities: "This consistent focus on meeting our customer needs and achieving the 5M ISR milestone of customer deployments are validation of our success."

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