Military cooking show burns up iTunes hit chart?

One doesn't usually associate fine dining with the military - unless you are a big fan of sh*@ on a shingle.  But a Pentagon sponsored cooking show called "The Grill Sergeants" is the entertainment site's #13 ranked video podcast of the year, according to the Pentagon.

"The Grill Sergeants" is a weekly half hour cooking show that can be found slotted under iTunes "Government and Organizations" section, where it usually enjoys a Top 5 placement, according to a Pentagon release. Some of the top shows are entitled: Saving Private Dining, Soul Food and the aforementioned SOS.

"I think people, traditionally, when they think of military cooking they think of the chow hall and someone with an ice cream scooper of mashed potatoes and they're slamming it down on the tray," said Michael Winneker, the Pentagon Channel's distribution and marketing manager. "I think this show proves that we do have some great military chefs out there, and some great food and great recipes that anyone can pick up."

"The Grill Sergeants," is hosted by Army Sgt. 1st Class Brad Turner, a New Orleans native who apparently has a penchant for singing during his cooking segments.  Rachel Ray he isn't, but who is. Turner apprenticed with German master chef Hans Bauer in Amberg, Germany.

The Pentagon has been trying to shake its hipster doofus image of late.  Last month it launched its own social media site called TroopTube that will let troops and families upload and share videos.

Of course you recall that the Pentagon killed off military user  access to YouTube and other social media sites back in 2007 in a effort to protect information and reduce drag on the department's networks -- not to mention crack down or at least better control how service personnel communicate with the outside world.

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