Cisco's new consumer push: It seems to me I've heard that song before

Reading today's story in Network World about Cisco's new consumer push, made me think of 4-time Academy Award-winning lyricist and songwriter - Sammy Cahn. Mr. Cahn is famous for writing the lyrics to a No. #1 hit song of the 1940s - I've Heard That Song Before (a song that happens to be a personal favorite of mine). The song begins with the following well-known lyrics:

It seems to me I've heard that song before, it's from an old familiar score, I know it well, that melody!

Perhaps the following stories making references to a Cisco consumer market push, entry or strategy, will sound like "old familiar scores" to you: April 25, 1996 - Washington Technology: Future clients include at-home businesses and consumers, said Mendez. "The next logical step is the consumer marketplace," said Mendez. This marketplace will grow as consumers make increasing use of the Internet for games, shopping or digital television - all of which will spur demand for high-capacity networking technology. To meet growing consumer demand, Cisco may develop its own low price, low maintenance technology, buy a share of another company's technology or acquire a rival with promising products, he said. -------------------------------------- March 17th, 1997 - Wired: "Cisco's current customers are enterprise corporations and distributors (you don't buy it from Cisco, you buy it from Fry's). We don't deal directly with the consumer market," says Mark. But all that is about to change. "With this new project, our ability to make an entry into the consumer market is tremendous," says Mark. -------------------------------------- June 22, 1998 - Motley Fool: Moreover, two weeks ago Cisco's board promoted Don Listwin, 39, to the post of executive vice president, solidifying his position as heir apparent to CEO John Chambers. In his new role, Listwin will add head up Cisco's new consumer line of business. Sounds like Cisco is as serious at the low end as it is at the high end. -------------------------------------- January 7, 1999 - Cisco Press Release: Cisco Systems Inc. today announced its strategy to extend its Internet leadership to the consumer market. -------------------------------------- February 22, 1999 - Austin American-Statesman: When Cisco Systems Inc. wanted someone to lead its push into the consumer market, the top networking-equipment maker sought an executive with experience in everything from technology and retailing to marketing and research. That turned out to be a rare combination of skills. And even though Cisco is loaded with management talent, the company went outside its ranks to tap Robba Benjamin for the post. -------------------------------------- January 6, 2000 - Cisco Press Release: Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Cisco Systems, Inc., today announced that they have formed a consumer market alliance to develop an open, standards-based architecture for Internet home gateway systems and technologies. -------------------------------------- July 26, 2000 - Home Toys: Cisco Systems, Inc., today unveiled its Internet Home. Cisco’s 1,700 square foot Internet Home showcases the benefits of a high-speed, always-on Internet connection that enables an array of consumer devices and appliances in the home. -------------------------------------- March 20, 2003 - Wi-Fi Planet: Giancarlo launched into a litany of the benefits of choosing Linksys as Cisco's first consumer-focused bid. He said Linksys, with anywhere from a 30 to 40 percent home networking market share lead for certain products in North America, has the most extensive product line in home networking, with more than 70 products, such as wireless routers and access points to share broadband Internet connections, wireless network adapters and wireless print servers. -------------------------------------- January 8, 2004 - USA Today: When Cisco bought Linksys, Cisco employees accustomed to handling major crises from technology experts were "unprepared to deal with the consumer when they started to call in," says Cisco Senior Vice President Charlie Giancarlo. Now, Cisco has better-trained staff to handle calls from consumers. The electronics business differs from big business networking gear "in almost every possible way," Giancarlo says. "But it represents a tremendous opportunity." -------------------------------------- August 5, 2005 - Business Week: Cisco Systems has long dominated the market for corporate networking gear. But Victor Tsao along with wife Janie, are intent on making the $22 billion networking giant a consumer powerhouse as well. Now, Cisco is looking to Linksys to help it develop vast new consumer markets, in part by making acquisitions to build out the Linksys product line. -------------------------------------- November 18, 2005 - The New York Times: A purchase of Scientific-Atlanta would be a coming-out party of sorts for Cisco as a more consumer-oriented company. -------------------------------------- January 18, 2006 - ZDNet: Cisco Systems, a company best known for supplying Internet equipment to Fortune 1000 businesses and Internet service providers, is gearing up for a major move into the consumer electronics market with new products and a new division geared toward home entertainment. -------------------------------------- September 11, 2006 - Information Week: The networking giant plans to bring the Cisco brand into the home for data, video, and music. It's a big reversal in strategy and highlights the growing impact of consumer technology. -------------------------------------- September 6, 2007 - Network World: Cisco executives hinted at major changes in the company's consumer strategy on Wednesday even as they voiced optimism about networking and the world economy. -------------------------------------- December 9, 2008 - Network World: "We think the time has come for Cisco to make a huge play in the home," Chambers said. The company will free up resources over the next 12 months and move them into consumer areas, key among them the provision of entertainment and other rich content by carriers to homes, he said.

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