Ducks, dorks and deviants: Wackiest stories of 2008

Despite the daily drum beat of new and improved hardware or software, the tech industry isn't all bits and bytes. Some interesting things happen along the way too. Like floating data centers, space geekonauts, shape shifting robots and weird bedfellows (like Microsoft and Jerry Seinfeld). What we include here is an example of what we thought were the best, slightly off-center stories of 2008. Go here to see our slide show.

Layer 8 in a box

Here are a few other fun topics:

DARPA: developing the wild, the wacky and wicked cool for 50 years

FBI: Wacky nicknames nab bank robbers; Pony Tail bandit on the run

Data centers explore novel ways to cut energy use

Microsoft Research inventions are wacky and useful

High-Tech Comedy Police Force coming to a theatre near you


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