Mobile Net Switch: Manage network configurations in a click!

This next tool is brought to you thanks to a reader who commented on my A Better Windows World tools library. Rinie I want to thank you for this next one… tool number 98 Mobile Net Switch. If you have the need to connect to more than one network, better yet, if you send out users and need them to connect to multiple networks easily and with minimal pain. Moreover, if they need to map drives, connect to printers and be able to operate without any glitches. Mobile Net Switch is your solution. I used to send out auditors for months at a time and most locations had no IT staff to get my staff on the network. Therefore, it meant either sending an IT person to setup the location or leave my staff isolated at a client site (sometimes for months on end). Neither solution was very satisfactory for anyone involved. Mobile Net Switch handles many of the necessary settings for Windows and provides many advantages. To begin with, the program does not require Administrative permissions to change configurations. It does not trigger UAC on Windows Vista or require ‘run as Administrator’, and there is no need to reboot for the settings to take effect. Mobile Net Switch is broken down into 8 configuration pages that have several sub-parts to configure your machine they are: Main: Account credentials Proxy servers Drive mappings Network: IP Address (DHCP or Manual) Subnet mask, Gateway, DNS, WINS WiFi settings (including settings for secure wireless networks) Internet: (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome) Home page Connection settings Firewall clients Modems (if any is still using these) Dialing rules Desktop: Wallpaper Num Lock Display resolutions Volume control System: Default Printer Local time zone Outlook / Outlook Express profiles Power schemes Hosts: IP Routes SMTP Server Hosts files Scripts: All profiles (executed either before or after) Selected profiles (executed either before or after) Remarks: To add remarks or notes to the selected profiles This tool was a great find and I am happy that one of my readers sent this one in a comment. Mobile Net Switch makes managing system settings in multiple environments an easy and pain free process.

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