Top 10 biggest stories in 2008 from Microsoft Subnet

Freebie tools beloved by our bloggers, and an Apple cell phone held in low regard, dominated the most-read blog posts from Microsoft Subnet in 2008. What follows is a recap.

No. 1

Six free security tools you shouldn't live without

Hidden Microsoft blogger Tyson Kopczynski, an author and security-dude-for-hire consultant, picked his can't live without free tools. The winners were MetaSploit, Splunk, Google (don't laugh -- it's true!), KeePass, Helix and Netwox.

No. 2

20 great Windows open source projects you should get to know While everyone knows about Firefox and MySQL, not as many folks know about the hundreds (thousands) of other great open source Windows tools out there. A Better Windows World blogger Ron Barrett found 20 that passed muster on his personal battery of tests. The list included security wares (such as Eraser), network management tools (such as FOG and Angry IP Scanner) and personal productivity tools (like LifeRay and Thunderbird).

No. 3

The 20 most useful Microsoft sites for IT professionalsThe list includes technology-specific sites, worthy bloggers and safe resources to help you pass your next Microsoft cert or training course. It includes places for trustworthy, free Microsoft software and the best sites to help you stay on top of the voluminous amount of news churned out by, and about, the folks in Redmond.

No. 4

12 cool cross-platform tools for Windows, Macs and LinuxA Better Windows World blogger Ron Barrett says that because most corporate networks are a heterogeneous mix of two or more operating systems (servers and desktops), the question really becomes, "What tools can we use to bridge the gap between Windows and the rest of your network?" As his answer, he came up with 12 tools -- all of which he personally reviewed.

No. 5

3G iPhone 2.0 revealed!Windows into Silicon Valley blogger Alex Lewis was one of the first to see and show photographs of the famed Apple iPhone 3G. Microsoft Subnet readers couldn't get enough news about the iPhone 3G, especially as it compared to Windows-, and Exchange-friendly mobile phone options.

No. 6

iPhone 2.0 Upgrade Will Backfire On AppleConverging on Microsoft blogger Mitchell Ashley advised readers in June to keep the iPhone they already had instead of upgrading to the new iPhone 3G. The reason? Freedom of choice of cell phone carriers, and iPhone 2.0 software works fine on existing iPhones.

No. 7

iPhone 3G Plays Catch UpConverging on Microsoft blogger Mitchell Ashley analyzed the Apple iPhone 3G/2.0 in June and came up with a long list of what needed fixing and what was still missing like copy and paste, and the voice command interface.

No. 8

Confessions of a Former Apple ZealotConverging on Microsoft blogger Mitchell Ashley discussed why he thinks Apple's closed hardware design doesn't hold a candle to the PC -- even though he himself used to be an Apple fanboy.

No. 9

Why I did it: I returned the iPhone 3G after only 6 days!Essential SharePoint blogger Susan Hanley, and self-described gadget girl, stood in line to get the new iPhone only to be so frustrated she took it back in less than a week. Her experiences set off a firestorm of comments from readers.

No. 10

8 little-known technologies that instantly make Microsoft shops run smootherA Better Windows World blogger Ron Barrett was back at it with an eclectic collection of management tools for the Windows administrator. His picks solved issues that arise from group policy management, training, password policy, collaboration, remote connectivity, managing your infrastructure, managing the new Server 2008 core and even opening and editing documents from anywhere.

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